Black and The colors

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Black is “the color” from which I feed my imagination and increase my creativity. This is the color that empowers me and fills my veins with deep red and all that “black” means: vital force, prudence,
wisdom, steadfastness, divine light. I am connected to the Universe through “black”.
I see “black” as a gate through which I walk to everything I have to reach and become!
This is my way of improving in my evolution in a sense of perfection, as an artist / human being!
My black does not mean the lack of other colors, it only means denying or synthesizing them.

Black is the great reservoir for all that is, the color of the primary universal substance, from this
place I receive all my resistance!
Also, like black, I can be matte or glossy, a limit of cold or warm colors. In psychology, black evokes the unconscious, death, melancholy, pessimism, sadness, confusion, the night sky, suffering, and yes these are all the emotions that are my key to open this amazing gate, but beyond that, I always found the intelligence of my emotions and surrendered my ego to the universal self thru my own art/work.
All this is inside my being, in everyday life this is reflected in an addiction to almost always wear black clothes.

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a human with black skin, at that time I didn’t know why, but I
know now, because I felt the stamina that the color black gave me!
One day, when I was just a little girl, I made a bet with my older sister, “who arrives first to
grandmother, who cooked food on the hearth, is allowed to kiss her.”
I ran, the 50 meters between us and our grandma. I arrived first but my sister was right behind me, by barely two steps, and … to win the bet, she pushed me. I fell into the fire where my grandmother was preparing food … I stretched out my hands in front of me and leaned on my palms and elbows. I was lucky, the fire already died down, hot embers remainin. My face escaped intact, but my hands were the price paid for that. I crushed the bright vermilion coals, between my fingers, when I broke my fall.

It all lasted a few seconds but it was enough to get acquainted with the heartbreaking pain of
“purification by fire”
I felt the embers somehow slip under my skin from where they sent the burn directly into my heart. I could see how the skin on my hand swelled like a balloon that could hold as many embers as possible.

Today I carry with me the signs of that first encounter with suffering only on my elbows, and coal has become my everyday friend! I could literally say that I grabbed the coals then and I’ve been drawing with them ever since.
What I believe now is that “suffering” is what, after feeding me, made me discover new virtues.

I now thank all those who made me suffer in one way or another, they always help me to push myself up
through all the suffering caused and to become a better version of myself with every step!

Now I can answer the question: Does “art” change the people lives?
Yes “Art is the lifeline when we walk with a broken boat through the turbulent sea called life”!

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