a strange puzzle that leads an artist to their art

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 What is art exactly? It’s a question that couldn’t ever be truly answered objectively but at which we can ponder trough the objective lens of personal interpretation.
Without the assumption that what I believe could be taken as a definition, I take the freedom to say that art  represents nothing less than a little “snack” for the soul, that in order to enjoy we must solve it’s eternal puzzle.
 It is a vertical slice, frozen in time, of a small part of the artist’s inner machinations that define it’s shape and energy, shape and energy that resonate in the eye of the beholder. This is realized as the culmination between the artist and that ephemeral and mysterious element that we all host in our hearts. A blessing that must be embraced, with a smile on our lips, from the first waking moment to the eventual but inevitable end, for without it our souls grow weak and hungry in this world of screens and concrete where such primordial delights are growing ever more endangered.

                          “The Artistic Onion”
As I’ve come to call it, is both us, as humans and that ephemeral something mentioned above. As a whole we are complex, but made up of soft layers covered in ever hardening layers upon layers that are all wrapped neatly in a tough outer skin that protects the delicate insides from all the dirt and grime that surrounds us.

Immortalized by K8 on Unsplash

 In order to create art that can stand the test of time, we must make it honest witho our inner soft core, peeling away all the layers to find who we truly are!
 “The soul is composed of harmony” -Leonardo da Vinci
Nourish your soul!

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