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Reality through the lens of paint

What do I do

Joyfully playing with color

Still life

Fragments and figments of nature that impress our inner love of beauty.


The hunt for the ever elusive for character hidden beneath the subject's surface.


Visual interpretation of emotion that spark passion in the artistic soul.


A glimpse into my reality

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About me

Madalina Angelica Dragos, I’ve been a teacher for the longest time, but almost a decade ago, an old childhood love for art reignited and I dedicated myself to it.
After getting over my perfectionism that whispered in my ear, suggesting to burn all the “flawed” pieces, I’ve grown a lot as an artist.
Ever since 2016, I’ve been working under the name
“madi” and using different techniques I realized many compositions from static nature to portraits that emphasize emotion.
As any artist would, I strive to win the battle against time and be remembered for my work.

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